Dirty Harry Practice Round Match Details

Holmes Harbor Rod & Gun Club
3334 E Brooks Hill Road
Langley, WA

Dirty Harry – The Practice Round

The first four events will require a .41 or larger handgun with open metallic sights. No single shot guns allowed. The fifth event is a snubby shoot and requires a minimum .32 caliber center fire pistol, 3 1/2 inch bore length or shorter with open metallic sights. There will be a few loaner guns available for those who would like to shoot this event but do not have a snubby.

  1. 25 yd Bullseye
    • NRA B-6c target – 11” target (7-10), 8” black (8-10)
    • Ten Shots, 2 minutes
  2. 5 yd speed shoot; Strong hand only. 6 shots scored as follows
    • NRA B3 target – 8 ¼ inch target (6-10) ; 3 inch black (9-10)
    • One point off for each 1/10 sec over 6 sec, Bonus point for every 1/10 under 6 sec
    • Start with gun low ready. Bonus only applies if all six shots at least touch the outside ring.
  3. 20 yd Dirty Harry and his partner. Action shoot, six shots each.
    • Draw from concealed holster. Strong side holsters only, no cross draw or shoulder holsters allowed. Proper technique to be demonstrated prior to match and all shooters will show proficiency with unloaded weapon.
    • Scoring: Six steel plates will be set ~ 5 to 20 yards. Shooter to start from surrender position with hands above shoulders. At the buzzer, shooter will draw & fire six shots (one at each target) 5 seconds will be added for each miss, lowest combined time wins. If you do not want to draw from a concealed holster you may elect to start at low ready with a 3 sec penalty.
  4. Combat; 5 Steel targets 15 – 25 yards. Action shoot ten shots
    • Shooter will begin low ready and engage 3 targets with two shots at each target. Double tap recommended. Shooter will move behind cover, reload then engage two additional targets with two shots each.
    • Scoring: Lowest time wins, must hit each target 2 times. Eight round maximum in magazines, misses may require additional reloads.
  5. Snubby shoot: 15 yd 5 rounds rapid fire; 5 rounds slow fire.
    • Rapid Fire 5 rounds 10 seconds begin low ready NRA B-3 target 8 ¼ inch target (6-10); 3 inch black (9-10)
    • Slow Fire 5 rounds 2 minutes NRA B-16 target 9 ¾” target (5-10), 5 ¼” black (7-10)

Open to the Public, Prizes for each event.
Silver Coin for overall Match winner
Entry Fee $10. Any questions call Dave Shupe 206 251-6090

Match Results