Our Proud History

The Holmes Harbor Rod & Gun Club has its roots in a fishing club that met in a cottage on Holmes Harbor back in the early 1900’s. Back around that time, the resort owners that dotted the shores of Holmes Harbor were upset with commercial fisherman, who they claimed were eradicating the salmon from their prized fishing grounds. Since there was no government agency monitoring such things, they banded together to unite against this threat.

Our founders’ organized efforts were successful in their original goal of protecting the anglers, who flocked to South Whidbey to catch a prized salmon, from this original threat of over-fishing our waters. Membership swelled, and the Holmes Harbor Rod & Gun Club (HHRGC) officially incorporated in 1937. Early records show that the meetings moved among various founders homes, then settled for a while at the Bayview Community Hall in the early 1940’s. But in the mid-50’s the club’s visionary board members and supportive membership collected enough funds to buy land on Brooks Hill Road and build the initial clubhouse where we still meet today. The wood dance floor is original from that era and the result of many volunteers coming together to build themselves a great gathering spot. Since those humble beginnings, there have been several improvements over the years to both the facilities and the shooting ranges.

Our Bright Future

Improvements to both the shooting facilities and the clubhouse are an ongoing effort to enhance the experience for our members and visitors. The club has a solid financial footing with a strong foundation of members volunteering their time and energy to continue our proud tradition into the future.

Our current Board of Directors:

  • President: Sundown Bova
  • Vice President: Eric Lehman
  • Secretary: Hunter Bova
  • Treasurer: Brian Hanson
  • Board Members: Bill Poulson, Pamela Kratzke, Olaf Thorsen, Caleb Sousa, Brad Gobble