Hank Bencala Match Details

Hank Bencala match – 50 to 100 rounds required
John M Browning 1911 Anniversary
All events Semi-Auto type pistol Center Fire 32 Cal minimum

  1. 15 yd Bull; Any sights, Ten-Shots, straight score.
    • NRA TQ-3/1 target – 5 3/4 inch target (5-10) ; 4 inch black (7-10)
  2. Texas Star; Any sights, Two runs best time for score.
    • Start low ready at the buzzer aim & shoot the first target. As the first target falls the star will start to move. Target order is up to the shooter. Eight rounds max in magazines but ok to start 1 in chamber & 8 in the mag. Miss more than 4 & you will need to reload.
  3. 10-25 yd steel clangers, Head to Head single elimination, Any sights
    • A miss will require a reload.
    • Load six bullets to start. Must hit large plate 1x before shooting medium plate
    • Must hit first medium plate 2x before shooting second medium plate
    • Must hit second medium plate 2x before shooting stop plate
    • First shooter to hit stop plate advances to next round.
    • You can reload until somebody hits the stop plate or you run out of ammo
  4. 15 yard paddle shoot – Any sights, One Hand
    • 10 shots
    • Small = 10 points, Medium = 7 points, Large = 5 points
    • Shooter chooses which target to shoot, hit small target 10 times for perfect score
    • For shot to count, paddle must flip at least 90 degrees
    • Paddles end up where they will, If target disappears select another target.
    • Shoot off: back up to suitable distance; Sudden Death using small paddle.
  5. 15 yd speed shoot; Any sights – 6 shots scored as follows
    • NRA B3 target – 8 ¼ inch target (6-10) ; 3 inch black (9-10)
    • One point off for each 1/10 sec over 6 sec, Bonus point for every 1/10 under 6 sec
    • Start with gun low ready. Bonus only applies if all six shots at least touch the outside ring.

Open to the Public, Prizes for each event.
Silver Coin for overall Match winner
Entry Fee $10. Any questions call Dave Shupe 206 251-6090

Match Results