June 22, 2024, Speed Steel results

Four game set:
1: Dual Falling plate rack, 10 targets with stop plate
2: Random 6 and 8 inch plates with stop plate
3: Texas Star
4: Random targets sizes down to 3 in with a micro sized stop plate

Best Times in seconds per Class
22 LR Pistol22 LR RifleCenter Fire PistolPistol Cal Carbine
Dave 33.89Mac 31.25Hunter 25.56Hunter 25.20
Brian 37.19Chester 37.92Chester 35.07Sundown 25.75
Larry 37.58
Sundown 36.95Dave 30.56
Caleb 38.51

Caleb 36.25

Final notes:
11 shooter, 5 range officers, Texas start plates didn’t always fall on 22 LR hits. Next month’s layout will focus on more traditional speed steel (shooting plates, with penalty and or stop plate). Scoring will likely be simpler too.