Mike Fink Match Details

Holmes Harbor Rod & Gun Club
3334 E Brooks Hill Road
Langley, WA

The Mike Fink Match

  1. 15 yd Bull; 32 caliber or larger center fire … any sights
    • NRA A-32 target – 3 ¼” target (6-10), 2” black (8-10). Hits in Sighting target do not count
    • Two shots to each of five targets, If more than two shots in a single target only the lowest two count.
  2. Texas Star – Spray & Pray; 32 caliber or larger center fire… any sights.
    • Start low ready at the buzzer aim & shoot the first target. As the first target falls the star will start to move.
    • Target order is up to the shooter. No limit to magazine capacity so bring those standard capacity magazines Nancy Pelosi is so fond of.
    • If you need to reload you definitely need to spend more time at the range. Expect the winner to only need 5 or 6 rounds
  3. 15-25 yd; The Mike Fink target; 32 caliber or larger center fire … metallic sights,
    • 1st round, 15 yards; 5 shots; score 10 for each cup hit; cannot advance if you hit McKenzie;
    • 2nd round, 25 yards; 5 shots, score 10 for each cup hit; negative 10 for each McKenzie hit
    • In case of a tie, shooter who hits closest to the bottom of the cup with fewest McKenzie hits wins the event
  4. 10-25 yd steel clangers, Head to Head single elimination, 32 caliber or larger center fire, any sights
    • Maximum 8 rounds loaded. Must hit large plate 1x before shooting medium plate
    • Must hit first medium plate 2x before shooting second medium plate
    • Must hit second medium plate 2x before shooting stop plate
    • First shooter to hit stop plate advances to next round.
    • You can reload until somebody hits the stop plate or you run out of ammo
  5. 12 yd Mike Fink Stacks; 22 caliber… any sights – one hand
    • Five 2 X 2 ½ X 3 inch blocks with 12 ga shell on top
    • 10 shots; 10 points per hit shotshell or block
    • Shooter must hit the shell before the block is available for points If both targets go down at once, no points

Open to the Public, Prizes for each event.
Silver Coin for overall Match winner
Entry Fee $10. Any questions call Dave Shupe 206 251-6090

Match Results