2023 Sporting Clays Championship

On August 5th we will be hosting our 2023 Sporting Clays (5-Stand) Championship. This shoot is open to the public.

We are asking shooters to sign-up for a squad with the trap shack clerk prior to the day of the shoot. There is a sign-up/squading sheet and we ask that you pay the $30 registration fee at the time of sign-up. There will be limited space for last-minute walk-on shooters.

All squads will shoot the same 4 games. Everyone will return at 1PM to shoot the last of the 4 games together. There will be prizes for winners and an HOA buckle for the highest scoring club member shooter.

Squad 1 will shoot 3 games at 9AM.

Squad 2 will shoot 3 games at 10AM.

Squad 3 will shoot 3 games at 11AM.

Squad 4 will shoot 3 games at 12PM.

All squads will shoot their final (4th game) starting at 1PM.





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