Pistol Matches

Handgun and PCC

A variety of fun pistol matches are scheduled throughout the calendar – generally on the 2nd and 4th Saturday’s of the month. The match rules and formats will be posted here, and in the Target newsletter before the match.

These matches generally require a .22 rimfire pistol or rifle and 50-200 rounds of ammo. The centerfire shoots offer a chance for precision and speed and utilize paper and steel targets. Expect to need 100-200 rounds for these depending on formats

Match Formats

  • Pistol stage match that may involve up to 4 stages and include steel, 15 or 25 yd Bullseye, Texas Star or spinning targets
  • Speed Steel – CF pistol/PCC and .22 pistol/rifle – Speed Bays
  • Falling Plate – CF pistol/PCC and .22 pistol/rifle – Rifle Range