Flyswatter Challenge – .22 Benchrest

This is the first of our new annual .22 rimfire benchrest matches. We will start out with a popular “Flyswatter Challenge” that tests your rifle’s accuracy at 50 yards. A hit only counts if you hit the head or body of the fly – no wings or legs. Target is available above for download if you want to practice.



  1. Most important – have fun
  2. Shot at 50 yards on rifle range
  3. Must use a 22 rimfire rifle – LR or Mag ok, .17s are OK too, and if you are really confident, you can bring your .177 or .22 air rifle! Any rifle action is allowed including bolt, auto, lever, single shot, etc…
  4. Scopes are encouraged for obvious reasons – recommend at least 10x
  5. This is a benchrest match – bring a rest or use sandbags and be steady little fella!
  6. You may want a spotting scope and/or a spotter friend to help you if you can’t see .22 holes at 50 yards with your rifle scope
  7. Shoot as many spotters as you like above the line
  8. When the match starts (will be called by range officer) only fire one shot per fly
  9. You MUST have a body shot for it to count as 1 point
  10. Complete the challenge in 15 minutes
  11. Ties will be broken with a second round at 75 yards


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