Steel Extravaganza Details

Holmes Harbor Rod & Gun Club’s

Steel Extravaganza

This fun event will feature all types of steel targets and is fun for the whole family. We will have Plate Racks, Dueling Trees, Spinners, Texas Star, spinning plate rack and a Fun Steel Stage. Come out and shoot as much as you like for one flat rate fee. Try out all the different types of targets the Club has to offer. Compete against your friends and family to see who gets the fastest time or just plink and have some fun.

We will have targets available for the following firearms:

Any 22lr rim fire rifle or pistol. Any center fire pistol chambered in a straight wall cartridge. (No magnum ammo) Any center fire rifle chambered in a straight wall pistol cartridge (PCC). Shotguns will be allowed on some targets but you will need a high capacity style shotgun. Bring as many firearms as you like and plenty of ammo.

REMEMBER: HHR&G is a cold range facility. Any firearms brought into the club must be unloaded, bagged, cased or holstered until on the firing line. We will have designated RO’s at each Bay to organize and help the shooters.

Adults 18yr and over: $10, Kids 17yr and under: $5

Kids are welcome but must be accompanied by and under the direct supervision of a Parent or Guardian.

For more info or questions contact:
Steve Mooney 321-4513 or Michael McInerney 221-7574

HHR&G’s alcohol policy will be strictly enforced. No drinking of any alcohol the day of the event until you are done shooting. Eye and ear protection is required for all shooters and spectators.