Three Gun Match Details

9 am Registration, 10 am Shoot
5 Stages – Bring 100 rounds of pistol, rifle and shotgun.
$25 Entry, $10 Bag Lunch
Read Briefing Below!
(Copies Available)

Three Gun Shooter’s Briefing

  • Following 3 Gun Nation Rules Set. Stage procedure: If it doesn’t say you can’t, and it’s safe, you can.
  • Cold Range: All pistols must be unloaded and holstered, rifles and shotguns must be flagged and carried muzzle up to the start position until given load commands by the RO. For carts, long guns must be flagged with muzzle in a safe direction or remain in a case until coming to the start position. Once in the 3 Gun designated area, you can glad and transport rifle and shotgun. Pistols must be holstered at Safety Area or with RO at 1st stage. Watch your muzzle.
  • Safety Area: Speed Bay 1, no ammo allowed, you make work on firearms, dry fire, practice draw at berm.
  • 180 Rule: Parallel to the berm. No loaded firearms may be pointed above the berms.
  • Moving: Unless in the process of engaging a target, finger must be off the trigger when moving. A couple of warnings, then a DQ.
  • Ammo: No steel projectiles, armor piercing or tracer rounds, low base 7,8, or 9 bid shot unless otherwise specified.
  • DQ’s: Unsafe gun handling, dropping a loaded firearm, braking the 180, discharging a round into the berm, discharging a round in a 10 ft. radius of the shooter, bringing a firearm to the start position with a round in the chamber.
  • Dumping: Muzzle must be down if in a barrel or properly positioned in a tray or basket. Must not break the 180. If rounds remain in the chamber OR mag the safety much be on. (procedural) If empty and locked open no safety is required. RO will check when clearing the stage.
  • Shotgun Staging: Some stages have a “pre-stage area” for shotguns. Rounds only in the mag, flag in the chamber, pointed at the berm. Then muzzle up for moving to the start position.
  • Pasting and Resetting: Anyone not up next or “on deck” should help. Do not go forward until the RO declares the range “Clear”.
  • Coaching: Allowed, but stay clear of any movement.
  • Range Commands: “Make Ready” with (firearm). Staging in reverse order of movement. “Are you Ready” may or may not respond. “Stand By” after 1 to 4 seconds the starter will beep.
  • Clearing the Range: Clear each firearm in order closet to the berm moving back to start position. Then the RO will call the range “Clear”. If out of line of sight, firearms may be cleared by someone designated by RO. No clearing allowed while people down range.
  • Scoring: Review score sheet.

Match Results